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Organic Imperial Gyokura
Organic Imperial Gyokura
50g  :  $45.00
(Makes 25 cups, $1.8/cup)
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100g  :  $57.00
(Makes 50 cups, $1.14/cup)
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250g  :  $109.20
(Makes 100 cups, 87ยข/cup)
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Gyokura is the most expensive tea available. It is grown only in Japan where the tea leaves are covered by hand for 3-6 months to prevent the light from going through. This creates a sweet very sophisticated taste that is easily appreciated by everyone. Consider this to be the most precious champagne of the teas. Our gyokura is hand harvested and is the same grade as that served in the Imperial Palace. This is one of those teas that you need to try atleast once. It is made in very limited quantities and we were lucky to get a few kilos of this exquisite tea.

Brew 1 tsp in hot (not boiling water) for 2 mins.
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