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Popoff St. Petersburg Blend (LIMITED AVAILABILITY)
Popoff St. Petersburg Blend (LIMITED AVAILABILITY)
100g  :  $14.10
(Makes 50 cups, 28c / cup)
250g  :  $29.00
(Makes 125 cups, 23c / cup)
A dark flavourful and malty tea reminiscent of the dark brews that have been enjoyed in Russia over the past 200 years. Our recipe uses the same techiques as those used by the Popoff brothers who used to supply tea to the Czars. This is the tea that will bring back fond memories for most Russians and East Europeans living overseas. We added some white tips to the tea to enhance the flavour and produce a rounded strong cup. Highly recommended to those who like a nice strong cup of tea with a strong fragrance.

Brew 1 tsp of tea in 1 cup boiling water for 3-4 minutes. Can be enjoyed with or without milk.
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