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Whisper of Autumn
Whisper of Autumn
3 buds  :  $9.00
(Makes 15 cups, 60¢/cup)
6 buds  :  $12.00
(Makes 30 cups, 40¢/cup)
12 buds  :  $20.00
(Makes 75 cups, 26¢/cup)
Save $4!
A beautiful blooming tea. This is a hand made masterpiece. Chrysanthemum petals and whole green tea leaves are tied into a bud that miraculously transforms into a beautiful flower when hot water is poured on top. An absolute delight for the eyes. We recommend once you brew it, you drink the tea and save the flower for a table centerpiece.

Brew 1 bud in 2 cups boiling water (the bud should be submerged by an inch) until all the petals open up. Can be used for multiple infusions. To preserve the flower, submerge in ice cold water for a few seconds.
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